Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are scheduling all future mediations remotely, via emails, telephone conferences, FaceTime or Zoom, or a combination thereof, until further notice. Stay safe, healthy and sane.

For 30 years, Tazewell T. Hubard, III has been providing mediation and conflict management services to families and individuals facing decisions concerning family relationships, including:

  • adoptions
  • premarital and marital agreements
  • separation, divorce, or marital dissolution
  • child custody
  • parenting plans
  • child and spousal support
  • property division
  • wills and estates
  • elder care
  • health care
  • family business succession
  • LGBTQ issues

Tazewell uses professional mediators, family law attorneys, individual and family therapists, and financial advisors to help individuals, couples and families to obtain the information they need to make informed decisions and reach an agreement.

Mediations are conducted in a non-adversarial, caring, structured and comfortable atmosphere with the goal of reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement that is tailored to meet each family’s unique needs.